Water heart • H&M’S conscious new world.
Clothing company H&M launched a new ‘Conscious’ clothing line, focussing on improving five sustainable themes; recycling, wages, education, water and raw materials. For the launch, they invited me and four other artists to create an artwork to complement one of the themes. I was given the theme Water to create an artwork for.

Water heart represents a human heart with the corresponding main veins. The heart symbolizes the importance of water for life and the responsibility we as humans have to handle it with care just as we do ourselves: water is the fuel of life. Within the transparent heart, water flows with an off rhythm beat. The heart is divided in a left and right part, just like a real human heart. These two heart chambers are connected with transparent tubes. Three electronic micro-controlled peristaltic water pumps are used to pump water through the tubes. The water flows from the left part to the right part and then back from the right to the left part in a never-ending cycle.

The artworks were presented on H&M Conscious day and they then travelled in an outdoor exhibition through five Dutch cities. The video link shows a registration of the artwork.

Water heart
Water heart
Water heart exhibition Rotterdam.