Thermophores (Graduation project) • Awarded ST.Joost price for best graduation project.
The Ther­mophore is an arti­fi­cial organ­ism devel­oped by van Cromvoirt for his grad­u­a­tion project. Tim wanted to cre­ate an organ­ism that looked real and was alive. Alive? Every­thing that we call alive is made up of thou­sands of com­plex chem­i­cal processes functioning as one whole; an organ­ism.
Tim ques­tioned; Is it pos­si­ble to con­trol or use at least 1 chem­i­cal process to sug­gest that some­thing is alive?

The Ther­mophore is an arti­fi­cial ‘plant-like’ organ­ism that changes its color when react­ing to warmth. By absorb­ing heat, the Ther­mophore feeds itself with energy, a beau­ti­ful visual process is put in motion that causes this organ­ism to change color. When absorbed enough energy, the Ther­mophore slowly cools down return­ing to it’s orig­i­nal color.

Tim won the prestigious ST.Joost medal for his graduation project. This medal is awarded each year to only one student for the very best graduation project.
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