Thermophores • Heat responsive organism
With its organic, reef-like look, the Thermophores can fully change their colour under the influence of temperature changes in their surroundings.
Heat — not light — triggers a chemical chromatic reversible transformation.

When heated a few degrees centigrade, this beautiful visual process is put in motion.
Its hues will evolve over the course of a day, provided that there is a minimum temperature of 25 degrees centigrade.
When the ambient temperature drops below 25 degrees centigrade, the original colour will slowly return.
Thermophores themselves are solid, and the crystal-like outcroppings are incredibly fragile.
The top four images on the next page show a full colour transformation.

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Blue - White Thermophores on wall
Close-up Blue - White Thermophores on wall
Detail Thermophores Blue-White
Detail Thermophores Blue-White
Close-up Thermophores Purple-Blue-White
Close-up Thermophores Purple-Blue-White
Detail Thermophores Purple-Blue-White
Thermophores Purple-Blue-White
Close-up Thermophores Green-White