Pixelrama • Sketch proposal
Pix­el­rama is the result of a competition to design an art object for three roundabouts which refers to its surrounding nature area. The ‘pix­els’ per col­orscheme refer to ele­ments in the com­po­si­tions of landscapes. Each side of the object changes 3 times into another col­orscheme. In total there are 4 x 3 = 12 changes in a full rota­tion around the object.The opti­cal change of col­ors is caused by mov­ing from point a to point b and thereby the change of per­spec­tive. If we look at side A on the pic­ture beneath, the color on the first illus­tra­tion is turqoise. On the sec­ond illus­tra­tion the color seen from another per­spec­tive is green, then on the last illus­tra­tion the color of side A appears brown.