Clockflower •
During a workshop I organized for STRP BIENNAL (Art & Technology festival) I came in contact with de Klokkenmakers. De Klokkenmakers is a group of retired technologists who used to work for Phillips. In their workshop, they pick a clock each year, reverse-engineer it, and then re-create every part to finally build a replica for each member. With machines dating back 100 years, they re-create every gear, bolt and clock hand from scratch, which is really impressive!
Clockflower is a collaboration I engaged in with de Klokkenmakers. The flower is inspired by a clock and it can open and close with a gear mechanism. In contrast to the old school machinery used by De Klokkenmakers, I used modern day techniques to design and create this flower. The flower was first 3D modelled and tested. For their part, De Klokkenmakers are currently creating a winding mechanism to drive the flower. The flower will open and close for 10 minutes when fully winded.