Celluminatus Giganticus & Aquamaton •
Two major international sculpture proposals for the Tidal Lagoon Project at Swansea Bay, United Kingdom.
Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay will be the world’s first purpose-built tidal energy lagoon, capable of generating predictable, renewable electricity for over 120,000 homes for over 120 years. Stefan de Beer and I teamed up for this open call and ended up with two individual concepts (Cell. Gig. By Tim and Automaton by Stefan), which were both selected for the short list and published in a book.

Celluminatis Giganticus
Celluminatis Giganticus represents a network of single cell organisms floating on and pulsating with the ever-changing movement of the sea. It forms an integrated part of the landscape, feeding itself, responding and coexisting with the rest of the natural environment. The artwork displays the same message that the Tidal Lagoon does: being fully self-sufficient, energy-wise. Each single cell is an illuminated floating object, like a buoy, equipped with a solar panel. The cells are held in place by poles mounted into the seabed, distributed throughout the network. These cells are equipped with shock-sensitive sensors and LED-lighting. When a wave of water lifts a cell, the shock-sensor is triggered, and it activates the light inside the cell which then shortly brightens to maximum illumination, a pulse of light. The result of this responsive behaviour of individual cells creates beautiful visualizations of the waves passing through the network. All the movement of the sea is visualized and translated into complex light patterns.

In our series of Automatons Tim and Stefan research the system of the self regulating cycle.
The Aquamaton stands in the tidal bay reminding of the spiky creatures that live in the sea. As the potential energy builds up during high tide, the Aquamaton unleashes its full force at low tide with a violent sweep of its tail like a trebuchet. This cycle goes on forever.

ICW Stefan de beer
Celluminatus giganticus