Lungplant • Breathing light organism
Lungplant is a personal project which springs from my interest in both biology and technology.
In addition to a conceptual and aesthetic function, the work also has a physical function.
Just like every other organism, it has a relationship with its surroundings and, in this case, to us humans.

The installation depicts a landscape with living, luminous organisms and explores the influence this landscape has on its spectators.
The kinetic sculpture consists of various, spherical textile ‘lungs’ that gently inhale and exhale air.
These inhaling and exhaling ‘organs’ show a very natural movement in a continuous cycle.
The installation explores the symbioses between the (artificial) organism and the (organic) spectator.
By surrounding yourself with these artificial organisms you become aware of your own breathing tempo and
slowly start to adapt to theirs; an effect that, you will find, calms you down.

Lungplant at STRP
Lungplant at STRP
Lungplant at RE-NEW Festival for digital arts
Lungplant at STRP